Why MBA? Is it the right career choice for you?

Why MBA? Is it the right career choice for you?

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Why do you think an MBA is made for you?

While doing an MBA seems to be an obvious choice for some, it often starts as a matter of curiosity for others. They have seen others do an MBA and have heard stories of the wonderful life after that – making them wonder if it is something they should do too. Before taking the plunge and starting to prepare for the same, pause for a moment and think: “WHY MBA”?

Are you sure that you want to invest hundreds and thousands of dollars in an education program? Are you sure you want to spend months preparing for tests, applying to schools, apply for VISA, apply for loans and so much more? Are you sure that you want to come out of your comfort zones and grind it out and study for 15-18 months?

Do you think what you want to achieve by doing an MBA is realistic (all those who are thinking of becoming CEOs immediately after – think carefully) and is possible only by doing an MBA (not MS)? For example, if you are into hardcore tech, isn’t MS a better option?

Why do people do MBA?

How else would a person working in IT get into consulting? Or, how else would a marketing guy get into the finance sector? Or, how else, would an engineering graduate / professional get into the business side of things? An MBA is a perfect way to make this happen.

People also decide to start their own businesses. Though an MBA is not compulsory to start your own business, it offers distinct advantages – the program can help you gain important perspectives about a business in general which you may not have considered earlier. Also, the networking definitely helps. However, whether your business succeeds or not is primarily dependent on your vision, team, and business potential; an MBA is just a catalyst.

What do you do if you are stuck in the corporate ladder and you want to quickly move up a few steps? You have learnt all that you could and would like to move on. It becomes even sweeter when the employer believes in your dream and agrees to sponsor your MBA.

Still not sure if you want to pursue an MBA?

Try answering these and you will get the clarity you need:

  • What is your long term goal, and why?
  • How can you achieve your long term goal?
  • What is your short term goal and why?
  • How can you achieve your short term goal?
  • What could be alternative ways to achieving your goals?


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