Six important GMAT tips to ace the exam

Six important GMAT tips to ace the exam

GMAT preparation tips

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a computer adaptive test taken for entry into top management programs worldwide. It is intended to assess the student’s ability in the Verbal Ability and Quantitative Aptitude. It also tests writing and data analysis skills. In this blog, we have listed down 6 main GMAT tips for excelling in the exam.

The test is adaptive and puts forward questions depending on the accuracy of previous questions. The questions are also tricky, enticing a candidate to make inadvertent mistakes. Thus, keeping a cool head during the exam is very important. Let us analyze the tips one by one:


  1. Making assumptions while solving a problem:

As already mentioned, most GMAT questions have some trick element which is often overlooked by the students. Also, the wording is such that the students make assumptions which they feel are obviously true. Thus, students often end up misinterpreting the question and get an incorrect answer. Hence, the key point – do not make assumptions!

  1. Confusing answer choices:

The test makers know the mistakes the students would make and accordingly create the options. Also, in the VA section, the answer choices in Sentence Correction and Critical Reasoning can be made to appear very similar. This confuses the students and often they get the answer wrong. As a student, one should read the question carefully, with an open mind.

  1. Trying to cross-check each answer:

To ensure high accuracy, students often waste too much time on a single question. They end up reading the same question multiple times and re-solving it to confirm the answer. Also, if a question seems easy, they end up scrutinizing it thinking there is some trap. This behavior disturbs the time available for the other problems in the section. So, the tip is – do not overthink!

  1. Wasting too much time on a tough question:

In a time test like the GMAT, it is important that the students don’t lose track of time. If confronted with a very difficult question, the best way to proceed is to use logic. Use the option choices and try to eliminate three of the five options and then mark one of the two. Whenever one finds that after spending more than two minutes, there is no progress happening, it is best to mark one option and move on. Key tip – Do not waste time!

  1. Using Math over logic:

In the GMAT, understanding the logic is paramount. The knowledge of formulae is secondary. Students would be able to solve problems faster if they focus on the concept and logic rather than formulae. This is particularly true for Arithmetic problems. The topics involve percentages, rate and work, speed and distance, averages and ratios. Also, option choices can be very effectively used to arrive at the correct option by the process of elimination.

  1. The Data Sufficiency Trap:

Data Sufficiency is tricky by nature. It is unfamiliar to many students and demands lateral thinking. Fortunately, the mistakes one makes in these questions can be avoided with practice. The most common mistake students make is they make unwarranted assumptions. Students also confuse the information mentioned in the statements.


If you are thinking to take the GMAT in the future, we suggest you focus on the basic concepts. Try to build a preparation strategy that ensures high accuracy. The above GMAT tips should come in handy here.

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Keep the above tips in mind and ensure of a top score in the GMAT!


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