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Chief mentor

Sujoy Kr. Datta


Eight time CAT 99.5+ percentile holder with GMAT Q51 (740)

Over a span of 12 years, he has mentored over 12000 students for CAT, GMAT, GRE, SAT and ACT. An IIT-ian, & a DAAD Scholar, he completed his Masters in Germany

He makes sure that students understand all the concepts. In standardized tests like GMAT, GRE, SAT, ACT & CAT, memorizing formulae doesn’t help in any way. Focusing on concepts and applying the concepts is what is necessary to be able to excel in these tests. His sessions are designed in a way that ensures the above

He has successfully mentored students from USA, Brazil, Australia, Bahrain, UAE, Dubai, South Korea, Nigeria, Austria. His students have made it to the IIMs, ISB, Cornell, USC Marshall, NUS, Cambridge, ESMT Berlin, Ohio State University, Imperial College London, XLRI, FMS, & more

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the idea behind PrepBrew?
PrepBrew is an online portal for one-on-one personalized classes for GMAT, GRE, SAT, ACT and CAT. Enjoy from the comfort of your home, over a cup of tea/coffee. All sessions conducted live by the same top-notch faculty
What are the main features?
1. Classes are Personalized
2. Scheduling is Flexible
3. There is continuous WhatsApp / Telegram support
4. All Practice questions & study materials are included
How do we book the classes?
You may reach out to Mr. Sujoy Kr. Datta on +91 9433063089 (call / text / WhatsApp) or email him at and mention your learning requirements
Is a Demo Class available?
Yes. You may book a 30 min demo for the subject you wish to enrol. To book the demo class, you may contact Mr. Sujoy Kr. Datta on +91 9433063089 (call / text / WhatsApp) or email him at and mention your requirements
How are the classes conducted?
Classes are conducted on At the time of the class, a meeting ID would be messaged to you (text / WhatsApp), using which you can join the session. You need to ensure a good internet connection and a proper audio connection (microphone and speaker) in your laptop. You may also login from your mobile. 
Can the sessions be recorded?
Yes. The sessions can be recorded at your end. The recorded videos would be saved in your local computer (My Documents - Zoom) from where you may watch the videos as many times as you wish to. Please note that recording facility is not possible if you login from your mobile. 
What is the Payment process?
Ideally one would need to subscribe to 5 hours of classes. The payment for the same can be made by account transfer, using the payment links below, or by any other means as per your convenience

Enroll for one-on-one sessions

One-on-One classes for 2 hours – INR 2500 per hour – Total INR 5000

One-on-One classes for 5 hours – INR 2200 per hour – Total INR 11000

One-on-One classes for 10 hours – INR 2000 per hour – Total INR 20000

Call +91 9433063089 for any queries

What Our clients say

One of the most talented individuals I've come across, Sujoy is a great teacher and has the solution to almost any Quant question. I particularly liked his style. I'd recommend Sujoy to anyone who is taking the GMAT!
The institute is very helpful, and thrives for students to reach their highest potential. Especially, Sujoy, he was immensely helpful in preparing my daughter for SAT. He helped her attain the highest SAT math score of 790. I definitely recommend them.
Tutoring classes for ACT Math were very helpful and the techniques taught were useful. Lots of short-cut methods were discussed. I improved my score to 34. I would definitely recommend the classes to everyone!
I found the teaching techniques, specially the short-cuts, very helpful. I was helped a lot in English with Vocab and RC. Tests were often taken which helped a lot. The teaching environment was very comfortable.

More Testimonials

Shubhra Jyoti Hazra

Converts – Cornell, ESADE, USC Marshall (GMAT 720)

Did a crash course in GMAT, for around a month. The faculty members explained lots of shortcut techniques which helped me improve my score by more than 30 points in the GMAT

Aditya Pugalia

SAT 1480

Was a classroom student for SAT. The faculty members – Sujoy sir and Sanjay sir explained all the necessary concepts and shortcuts. There were lots of mock tests which help me in the main test

Jai Choraria

SAT 1440

Was a classroom student for SAT. The faculty members – Sujoy sir and Sudeshna ma’am helped a lot in pushing my score up. They explained all the necessary concepts and shortcuts and did lots of practice questions

Rakhi Raizada

Converts – ISB Mohali

The faculty members helped me in getting the required GMAT score. They, specially Indrojit sir, also guided me regarding the application process and the interview rounds at ISB

Samrat Bose

ESMT Berlin – GMAT 720

The best person to contact for GMAT success – Sir was responsible for guiding me through study materials and mock tests to increase my score from initial mock scores of 600 to a GMAT score of 720

Subharghya Mitra

GMAT 730

The VA classes by Sanjay Vasa sir helped me to improve my VA score. Also, the materials and support provided were excellent

Rohan Chowdhary

IIM Calcutta

The mock Interviews by Indrojit sir, Sudeshna ma’am, Sanjay sir and the external panelists from IIMs and XLRI gave an exact idea of what to expect!

Abhilash Basu

IIM Lucknow, TISS Mumbai, SIBM Pune

The classes were very helpful – the concepts were explained in a very lucid manner. The faculty members were very helpful

Poulami Chakraborty

Ohio State University – Full Scholarship

I was helped a lot in English with Vocab and RC. A lot of tests were taken, many short-cut methods in Math were discussed

Sidharth Sethi

ISB Hyderabad

The mentors are wonderful. Classes are very rigorous and all concepts of GMAT are explained in detail. It was a great help!

Fahad Taslim

IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Calcutta, IIM Lucknow, IIM Indore, IIM Kozhikode, IIFT

Awesome experience! The mind-blowing tricks and detailed concept discussions separates CUBIX from other institutes

Nilay Bhattacharyya


The mentors are excellent. They helped me with all the necessary concepts. For a person who was afraid of math, I started loving it

Victor Bose


One of the best teachers anyone can have. Always made sure that we understood a concept behind a sum completely. The questions sir can conjure on the spot is beyond compare

Amrit Sharma

Simon Business School (GRE Q170)

The GRE course is tailored according to student needs. The top-notch faculty (they addressed my doubts even at 2 AM) & extensive problem bank made the GRE a cakewalk

Anmol Agarwal

IIM Shillong

Sir has an excellent knowledge of the CAT course and is very thorough with the preparation. He guided me throughout the whole process including the college selections. Thank you Sir!

Shrayoshe Biswas

IIM Ahmedabad, NITIE, IIM Lucknow, FMS

The GD-PI-WAT training was excellent – learnt a lot of dos and don’ts

Debdipta Ray

IIM Lucknow, S.P. Jain

It was an amazing experience with all the faculty members. They are very helpful and friendly. Loved all the classes.

Srikunj Gutgutia


The mentors helped me create a base and reach my potential in a very short time. I got to learn a lot of tricks and was able to practice a good number of questions to boost my confidence

Rishabh Agarwal

NMIMS, Great Lakes

The mentors have outstanding knowledge about the course which they kept sharing with us in the classes which helped me in preparing for the exams

Sankha Mukherjee


The classes have been very useful to me with several sessions and doubt clearing classes. The classes provided overall guidance and individual care for cracking the MBA exams

Mohammad Sharique

Paderborn University, Germany

The Mathematics and English classes helped me reach my required score level. There are lots of practice materials and the concepts are taught well

Kaustav Gupta


The mentors helped me get rid of my phobia of quantitative aptitude. They helped me boost my confidence

Satyaki Dutta

IIM Kozhikode, MDI, IIFT

The GD-PI course helped me a lot. Many sessions were conducted on current affairs and there were many mock PIs, case studies and WAT sessions which helped

Jaidip Palit

IIM Lucknow, MDI, SIBM

The GD-PI course here was a great learning experience. There were industry stalwarts and ex-IIM students who took our mock PIs and took sessions on various topics

Shantanu Chakraborty


The mentors are very skilled in their respective subjects – the best teachers I have come across. They were very supportive and have customized learning processes for each student

Rohit Mukherjee

XIMB – Xavier Institute of Management Bhubaneshwar

If you are looking for mentors to guide you in CAT, CUBIX is the best place to be in.

Kunal Roy


Small batch size ensures that each student gets the required attention. Apart from being great mentors, they are also readily available for doubt clearing. This access made things easier for me

Soumyadip Halder

SIBM Pune – Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The classes at CUBIX were very helpful and their methodical approach helped me. Also they always helped us whenever we had doubts

Anabil Dey


Indrojit sir and Sudeshna Ma’am helped us to give our best in the GD-PI – their suggestions were extremely helpful

Debopam Ghosh

IIM Kozhikode, XLRI-BM

The GD-PI training helped a lot – we got a lot of mock PIs and mock GDs and the mentors helped us a lot

Gopal Mundhra

SP Jain, MDI Gurgaon, IIM Kozhikode

Sujoy sir had the perfect tricks and techniques that helped me boost up my speed and maintain accuracy.

Gaurav Saha

IIM Kozhikode, IIM Calcutta

The GD-PI training was great and lot of effort was made to help us with the topics of current affairs

Sohni Chakrabarti

GRE – University of St. Andrews PhD program

He is a very patient teacher and identifies your weaknesses very well

Anomitra Banerjee, Dubai

GMAT – Q51/51

Excellent clarity with fundamentals in GMAT, helping me get a full score of 51

Shailabhya Keshri

GMAT – Oklahoma City University MBA program

Very friendly and approachable and his knowledge about his subject is immense

Indushree Banerjee

GRE – TU Delft Netherlands PhD program

He is very friendly and helps in every way. I got 162/170 in QA under his mentoring

Debmalya Dutta

CAT – IIM Ranchi

He has mastered the art beyond excellence, and will always share his experience with you

Koushik Majumder

CAT – IMT Ghaziabad

Great concept building, awesome guidance and new techniques to solve questions faster

Anhad Sadana

GRE – Auburn University

One of the most dedicated and patient tutors, puts in lots of effort and keeps motivating

Amit Saikia

CAT|NMAT – NMIMS Mumbai (& MDI Gurgaon)

He is conceptually very sound and puts in a lot of effort, he knows a lot of shortcuts