GMAT Preparations Tips and Hacks

GMAT Preparations Tips and Hacks

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Preparations for GMAT isn’t that impossible of a task as it is made out to be. All you need is focus and a clarity of action. You can choose to study on your own or you can join a coaching center. Both these methods work perfectly fine, it all depends on your priorities. Consider the following factors before you register for the exams.


  • Quality over Quantity

It doesn’t depends on how many hours you have studied or how much sleep have you lost. In the end what matters is how much effort have you put in your preparations. You might have studies for a month. But how well did you study in that time and how much time did you waste? The quality of your preparations is always important than the time invested in it. Now that definitely doesn’t mean that you study just two nights before your exam!


  • Know your abilities

Consistency is the key. Keep checking upon your mistakes and avoid repeating them. The more you learn about your weakness, the more it becomes your strength. For that, you have to solve question papers and evaluate yourself on a daily basis. Make a schedule and follow it without any inconveniences.


  • Target your interest areas

Look out for the colleges that you want to join. Find their application deadlines, admission requirements and the cut-off demanded by them. In order to reach your required GMAT score, your preparation should target a score of at least 50 higher than you ‘need’ as many of those taking the test score around 30 points more or less than they were expecting.


  • Get familiar with the test and exam details

Register for the exam keeping in mind the school application deadlines. Set up your GMAT exam ahead of time so that your scores are reported prior to those deadlines. Measure your skills to succeed in any business school. This includes quantitative, verbal, analytical writing and integrated reasoning. GMAT generally has questions that are nowhere close to other entrance exams.


  • Take a Retest

Don’t be afraid to try again and take a retest. You can retake the GMAT exam once every 16 calendar days, but not more than 5 times in a rolling 12 month period. If you enter a date fewer than 16 days from the last appointment date, you will receive an error message asking you to choose another date. Read the GMAT handbook for more details about GMAT policies and retest policy appeals.


Nothing comes easy. You have to work hard to achieve something better. That does not mean that you stop enjoying life and lock yourself in a room surrounded by books. Follow a routine and divide your day accordingly. Invest a major part of your day for taking a step towards your goals but don’t forget about spending leisure time with friends and family. Most importantly, always keep some time for yourself.

If you want a large increase in your score, you need a comprehensive re-take plan. Try to remember and analyse what was difficult. Were you very anxious or had time management problems or were not well prepared? If so, try techniques to cope up with all of these issues.

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