GMAT diagnostic test

GMAT diagnostic

This Free GMAT Diagnostic Test has 24 questions. It offers a simple way to understand the type of questions to expect in the GMAT. The Quantitative Reasoning questions cover topics like number properties, algebra, coordinates, permutation and combination, arithmetic word problems – percentages, time and distance, etc. Both PS and DS types have been included. The Verbal reasoning section consists of questions on Sentence correction and Critical reasoning. Some of the questions have been developed in-house and some borrowed from different sources on GMATclub (which are widely available).

Though this is NOT an adaptive test, the time limit to complete the test would be similar to an actual GMAT test. 

After the completion of the test, a score will be given as a percentage. Interpreting the results: 

  • Less than 20%: You need to work a lot on your prep
  • 20% to less than 40%: You have understood what the GMAT is. Keep at it
  • 40% to less than 60%: Decent performance! More so, if this your first time at such a test
  • 60% to less than 80%: You are pretty much there. Need a bit of final push
  • 80% or above: You are almost there and maybe ready for the actual test! 

GMAT Diagnostic Test


The quiz contains 24 questions – 12 questions on Quantitative reasoning (8 on Problem solving and 4 on Data sufficiency) and 12 questions on Verbal reasoning (7 on Sentence correction and 5 on Critical reasoning).

You have 45 minutes to mark your responses.

All the best!

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