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We are an education consultancy with a focus on MBA admissions and career and personality development. We have a team of professionals all with an MBA and significant work and mentoring experience. We believe everyone is unique and with the right mentoring and direction one can achieve a lot, often exceeding their own expectations. We are here to show you the mantra. Whether you are considering an MBA degree, a change in career or need guidance, speak to us. 

What you get with us is a true ensemble of expert advice coupled with real world corporate experience at an executive or consultant level. We are here to show how it can be done. We guarantee an experience that is truly unique

Our Services 

What are all the areas where we can help you? 

We ensure that you are in touch with us till your applications are over – we provide continuous guidance in these tough times.

General Profiling

• Advising on career options
• Personality development
• Recognising achievements
• Resume building

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• Planning out a timeline
• Setting target test scores
• Background analysis
• Future plan analysis
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Application process

• College shortlisting
• Application essays / SOP
• Applying for scholarships
• Applying for financial aid
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Post Application

• Interview Preparation
• Mock Interviews
• VISA application guidance
• General tips 

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Your Mentor

Coming from a traditional and overly represented candidate pool (Indian IT male), Indradeep scored 760 on the GMAT. With an excellence scholarship he completed his MBA at AGSM, Australia.
Since then, he has worked in consulting (strategy, technology, HR) and in large corporates (as Sr Exec & GM). He has worked with Investment Banks, Private Equity, Financial Services and advised CEOs, CFOs, and Board of Directors.
Having run his successful entrepreneurial venture, see how he has used his MBA to harness true competitive advantage, secure funding and developed successful go to market strategies.

Why us?

We have a unique vantage point: Unlike most traditional MBA consultants, we have actually taken the journey
Our experience in consulting: We have mentored more than 1000 candidates and helped them secure their dream MBA admissions both in India and Abroad

Self-assessment frameworks

We use best in class frameworks and methodologies that will force you to think of who you are, what you truly want and how an MBA can help you get there, your strengths and weaknesses that make you unique and how to articulate your true self in your application

Knowledge about admissions

Having recruited many post-MBA students globally, we are able to translate what companies look for in candidates. This unique combination of corporate experience along with awareness of the admissions process helps students prepare stellar applications through essays

Industry & education experts

Our team of industry experts give you advice about the actual nature of what they do and work with you to determine if your career goals are realistic and something you would enjoy doing. Speak with the best from McKinsey, BCG, Deloitte, GMs, CEOs & investment bankers

What are your Career goals

Watch this video where Indradeep analyses this often asked question. In terms of the goals and relating it back to the MBA, it is extremely important to overlay that with the current competencies and skills the candidate has. One should start with the long term goal and work backwards from that.  
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Short Term goals post MBA

You should be able to answer questions like – Why MBA? Why now? Short term goals usually refer to the time period of around 5 years, of which the MBA is also included. What you aim to do post your MBA and how the MBA is going to help you achieve it – this clarity of though is what the admissions committee is looking for. 
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Presenting your life story

Every candidate is unique, so your life story should not look exactly like that of someone else. This is a chance of impressing upon the admissions committee about who you are – so make it interesting. 
Check this video to know more!

Stages in the Application

The general US college admission process consists of a number of steps:

• Tes tests – GMAT, GRE, SAT or ACT and the TOEFL (IELTS)
• Preparing university and program shortlists
• Preparing the CV, Statement of Purpose (SOP) and Letters of Recommendation (LOR)
• Applying for financial aid and scholarships
• VISA application

Know in details about the Fall and Spring semesters and the difference between Regular Decision, Early Action, Early Decision and Rolling Admission, check out our article in our blog section.

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