Basics of CAT – How to Prepare – Easy Hacks & Tips

Basics of CAT – How to Prepare – Easy Hacks & Tips

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Basics of CAT

The CAT is a standardised test widely used for admissions to the coveted MBA Program in India.

Subjects: Verbal Ability, Logical Reasoning & Data interpretation, Quantitative Aptitude.

Duration: 3 hours. Offered: Computer-based, once in November or December.

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  1. Preparing for CAT? Here are some helpful tips to make the process a lot easier – Basics of CAT

a) Verbal Ability (VA): We recommend students to regularly practice RC (based on different subjects like history, economics, politics, science, etc.) and CR questions. Solve 5 RC passages and 10 CR questions everyday within a time limit of 1 hour.

b) Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation (LRDI): Students aiming for a higher CAT score is suggested to regularly practice Data Interpretation questions which involves multiple information sources and logical angles. As for Logical Reasoning (LR), focus on sitting arrangements, blood relations, Sudoku-based questions, and games. Solve 4 LR and 4 DI sets everyday within a time limit of 1 hour.

c) Quantitative Aptitude (QA): For the topics which are not your areas of strength, revise the concepts regularly so that you can at least attempt any easy questions that come up. Every day, for 1 hour, practice 10 questions from the topics which are your strengths and 15 questions from the topics in which you are weak. 

 2. So, apart from all the practice you get above, Faculty Experts at Cubixprep must solve 2 Mock Test Papers every week. Try to solve the mock paper in the same time slot when you have your actual exam scheduled. Also, you must analyse the paper thoroughly and revise the concepts for the questions you got wrong.


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3. Awesome Strategies & Hacks to Crack #CAT2017

a) Quickly read a question and decide if it is something which you cannot solve at all – do this within 10 to 15 seconds.

b) Once decided that you can solve, start solving immediately. If after 1 minute, you are still not anywhere near the answer, mark the question and move on, so that you can revisit this question later on.

c) You must visit all the questions in the section.

d) The questions at the end of the section tend to be a little easier than the ones initially. So, you may start the section from the last question and move back!

e) In the LR-DI section, choose the sets with which are comfortable. You do not have to attempt all the questions of a set. Leave the ones which seem difficult to you.

f) In the VA section too, decide which RC passages to solve first. If reasoning based RC questions are not your forte, do not attempt that RC first, do the other ones.

g) In any section, you are bound to find 10 – 12 questions (out of the 32 or 34 questions) which can be categorized as EASY –definitely solve these correctly.

4. Practice using an online calculator. Also, revise the short-cut techniques for the following:

a) Multiplication with powers of 5

b) Squares of any number till 100

c) Division of two two-digit or three-digit numbers

d) Percent and ratio calculation

5. Do not go for the exam with a target score in mind. 

On the exam day, just attempt as many questions you can correctly! 

Work hard, work smart & rock the CAT this year! Good luck students! For more insights, visit Cubixprep CAT exam prep for more details.


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