Applications of concepts in Geometry

Applications of concepts in Geometry

August 22, 2018 CAT MBA entrance exam Problem Solving 0

Geometry is something, that we, in general, are not very fond of. The primary reason is that we do not understand which concept to use for which problem. We also have a feeling that geometry is all about memorizing a large number of theorems.

However, contrary to popular belief, you don’t really need to memorize theorems. Geometry is all about linking the concepts (detailed below) with the information given keeping in mind the question that has been asked. Trying to calculate the are of a triangle where only the ratio of sides is given won’t really solve any purpose, isn’t it?

In the video below, we have taken a couple of examples and tried to logically show how to decide the concepts that have to be used to solve different questions. The video is self explanatory and after watching the video, we would be able to decide the following:

  1. The main concepts of triangles based on which questions in different MBA entrance tests are asked – a total of 11 concepts covering the following:
    • Sum of angles in a triangle and the property of the exterior angle of a triangle
    • Side inequality in a triangle and the fact that each side is less than half the perimeter
    • Pythagoras’ theorem and its modified forms in acute and obtuse triangles
    • Special right angled triangles: 30-60-90 and 45-45-90 triangles
    • Area of a triangle: base and height relation – inverse proportional for a given triangle
    • Area of a triangle in terms of the sine of the angle between 2 sides
    • In-radius and Circum-radius and the relation to area
    • Semi-perimeter and its relation to area
    • Ortho-center
    • Centroid and the 2 : 1 ratio
    • Similar triangles – side ratio and area ratio
  2. How to link the information given with the given question
  3. How to decide which concept(s) to use for a particular question



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