7 Useful Tips To Crack MBA

7 Useful Tips To Crack MBA

March 17, 2017 CAT 0

The Rise and Rise of MBA

The demand for MBA graduates has risen considerably over the years. As a result of which, huge number of candidates apply for MBA every year. The degree of Master of Business Administration is not easy to achieve. And with the rising demand of MBA, cracking it has become even more difficult. The tips to crack MBA mentioned below should come in handy for serious aspirants.

Tips to crack MBA

To crack MBA, you have to study daily and honestly, no one likes doing it. Due to the huge syllabus and the time crunch, it is very easy to feel demotivated and lost.

As the exams approach, getting admission in the IIMs seem almost impossible and a dream that will never come true! But never lose hope! With few useful tips to crack MBA, you can definitely make it happen.

1. Take Your Study Time Seriously

The only way you can score well and stand out among thousands of MBA aspirants is by studying regularly and with dedication. I know, its easy to say but extremely difficult to follow. As the saying goes, no gain without pain! Sadly, you will have to cancel plans with your friends and you will feel terrible seeing their “stories” and “statuses” but its totally worth it. In such situations, dream about getting chance in a prestigious B School and just switch off your phone and study! That’s the best you can do for yourself.

2. Go To An Expert

Though most of the MBA syllabus is based on class 10 level, it is yet very tricky. Only few can study at home without guidance and crack the exam. For the majority, it is advisable to take tuition. Attend your classes regularly and study religiously after that. But remember, tuitions will only guide you. For the miracle to happen, you need to give all your time and dedication.

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3. Get Idea!

No, I’m not asking you to get an idea sim! What I mean is that before you join your coaching, read little about the subject and try to figure it out. Feeling lost on the very first day of your class among 30 other candidates isn’t something I would suggest. Also, before appearing for your examination, go through the past test papers (last 5 years, especially).

4. Make Books and Notes Your BFFs

Sounds crazy, right? Always remember, friends in need, are friends indeed. To make your dream come true, your books and study materials will help you the most. There are various books for MBA in the market. It is advisable to follow the books as per your coaching centers and read it thoroughly. Do not refer to too many books as it is possible for you to feel lost. Follow the best books and materials provided by your tuition and you are good to go!

5. Make Reading a Habit

You must been told to read books since your school days, but most of you’ll  have not taken it seriously. If you are appearing for MBA CAT make sure to do it now. You just can not score well in CAT without having a good command over English and hence, I suggest you to read…read a lot! Read books written in simple english which will help you deal with your verbal score. Read 4 to 6 books while preparing for CAT to secure a good marks in English.

6. Take Tests

This is like adding cherry to your cake. Don’t just study and memorize, also take frequent tests to test your progress. Take your tests very seriously, as these pave ways to your success. Fix a day for your test every week at a particular time and take the tests every week without fail. If this seems bizzare, sit for the mock tests of your coaching centers. This is one of the most important tips to crack MBA.

7. Keep Calm and MBA

Last but not the least, keeping faith in yourself is your key to success. Exam dates and your power of memorizing is inversely proportional. But in difficult times you must learn to keep calm and not panic. Believe that whatever you have studied, you will remember and trust me, it really works! Trust yourself. I hope that these tips to crack MBA would be helpful.


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