The QUANT Capsule

Is a particular section creating trouble for you? If yes, why opt for the full program? CUBIX brings the most sought after CAPSULE PROGRAM – a program that offers classes, handouts, discussions and doubt clearing only pertaining to one section.
There are 3 primary sections in CAT and OMETs – Quantitative Ability, Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation, and Verbal Ability. It is imperative to do well in all 3 areas to make it to the top institutes. 
We have often observed that students are awesome in one or two sections, but face a lot of problems with the third section. If that is the case, why not strongly focus on that section in particular?

Program features

# 32 classes – specific topics for each class 
# Class Handouts, designed at par with CAT and OMETs 
# Special sessions on Miscellaneous concepts 
# Unlimited Doubt Clearing sessions 
# QUANT Marathon – a comprehensive workshop spanning 10 hours, covering over 200 specially created problems 
# Complementary books on concepts, to give you the final push 
# Online support over Whatsapp and Facebook

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